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  • To understand people's connections and journeys in science
  • To publish inspiring and thought-provoking stories in science from around the world
  • To promote a story based instruction in the classroom & sharing of science with the public around the world
  • To organize and store stories in science for future generations



We are surrounded by so many stories in science. Stories of success, failure, fear, discovery, serendipity, collaboration, separation, inspiration, travels, mentorship, career transitions, and so much more. However, many stories remain untold and the few in the field are not well characterized. We believe these stories provide an unchartered avenue for study, exploration, and  engagement within scientific community, the public, and the next generation.




The journal was created in late 2016 by Stanford University grad school friends Fanuel Muindi and Jessica W. Tsai who asked a simple question: what is the nature of science? In those discussions, the initiative was born as part of The STEM Advocacy Institute - a think tank - based in Boston, MA that is co-directed by Jessica and Fanuel. The all volunteer institute develops new questions, ideas, tools, & insights for trainees, organizations and policy makers in science around the world.


We are a small team that recruits story tellers, reviews submitted stories, manages the website, and seeks collaborations with other groups. Additionally, we conduct research and development to continually improve Stories in Science. Interested in joining us? Contact us!

Fanuel Muindi
Editor in Chief
Jessica W. Tsai
Editor in Chief

Jessica Rauchut
Lakshmi Ramachandran
Senior Program Specialist

Chinmoyee Karmakar
Aswathi Ashok