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– About Us – 


To understand people’s connections and journeys in science 

To share inspiring and thought-provoking stories in science from around the world

To promote a story based instruction in the classroom & sharing of science with the public around the world

To organize and store stories in science for future generations  

The Stories in Science project was created by Fanuel Muindi and Jessica W. Tsai from The Stem Advocacy Institute based in Boston, MA, USA. The all volunteer institute is driven by the idea that equitable access to quality science education is achievable for all people around the world. Its efforts to achieve this goal are currently focused on conducting research and advocacy that leads to the development of new questions, ideas and insight to support trainees, organizations, and policy makers involved in advancing science around the world. The institute believes that education with a strong foundation in science is a critical component for global economic growth, social advancement, and ultimately, global peace. Their work has been published in several journals and can be accessed here. The first Stories in Science Book was published in July 2017. 

The Journal of Stories in Science ISSN# 2575-5129

Some Basic Statistics 

Total Stories: 72

Total Word Count: 106,687


– The Team  – 

Fanuel Muindi
Editor in Chief
Jessica W. Tsai
Editor in Chief
Jessica Rauchut
Brooke Tata
Program Specialist/Ambassador
Lakshmi Ramachandran
Program Specialist/Ambassador
Stefanie Morgan


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