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Crystals are a Girl’s Best Friend

– Julia Bates – “Oh look at my pretty crystals!” I squealed in delight. “Remember, the pretty ones aren’t always the best,” the postdoc sitting next to me commented. I rolled my eyes, even though I know he was right....

/ August 22, 2017

Forever a scientist: How I found my career niche

– Julia Bates –  “No Julia, you are still a scientist. You will always be a scientist”. Those were the words spoken by my mentor Professor Jenny Martin, as we sat drinking coffee in a sunny café in my hometown...

/ August 21, 2017

The words that changed my life

by Lia Paola Zambetti |Senior Project Officer |Research Development and Collaboration |The University of Sydney On a dull Saturday morning in the lab, I heard the words that changed my life. I had just finished changing the medium for my...

/ April 27, 2017