Caroline Hu

Caroline received her B.S. from Brown University in 2006. She began studying the molecular and cellular basis of behavior in the context of the developing frog brain while pursuing her M.S. at the University of Michigan. She earned her Ph.D. in Biology with Russell Fernald at Stanford University as a Stanford Graduate Fellow in 2014. For her doctoral research, Caroline investigated the neural mechanisms underlying behavioral plasticity within a single cichlid fish. In the Hoekstra lab at Harvard University, Caroline is a postdoctoral fellow and is using the Peromyscus model to ask how molecular differences between sister species produce differences in brain and behavior, with a particular focus on burrowing behavior. Below is an illustration of one day in her life as a scientist in response to the #PhDArt twitter challenge. Explore her Research and Follow her @HuWantsToKnow




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A Day in the Life of One Scientist
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