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Hispaniola Born Earthbound Explorer

I thought my biggest role in life was to become a wife and mother. As such, I ended up in a very toxic marriage right out of high school. I left the marriage and I ultimately became homeless. I actually...

/ November 9, 2017

Academic dreams: they come and they go

 – Bill Hinchen –  Is it time I let go of the academic dream? I seem to have been battling with this question for several years now. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to do science — I mean proper...

/ August 4, 2017

The words that changed my life

by Lia Paola Zambetti |Senior Project Officer |Research Development and Collaboration |The University of Sydney On a dull Saturday morning in the lab, I heard the words that changed my life. I had just finished changing the medium for my...

/ April 27, 2017